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Teacher Testimonial from Julianna

Working with children can be difficult, but working with Count Your Blessings facility is fantastic; you are always supported by staff and parents as well. If teachers ever need anything such as supplies we are always taken care of by management; as far as teaching, we have the ability to do fun creative things to shape the young minds of children.

Teacher Testimonial from Karla

I am a pre-k teacher at Count Your Blessings. Working for Count Your Blessings has been such a great experience, they give you so many opportunities in work areas and also education. At Count Your Blessings they are always there to help you just like they help the community. I am very happy and blessed to work for them. This is the best place to have your child at.

Parent Testimonial from Sofia

We absolutely love Count Your Blessings. Sweet staff and caring teachers. I’ve never had a bad experience with this program. Both my kids enjoy being here and have learned so much. My daughter (8 mo) is learning nursery rhymes from different cultures and languages. My son (3 yr) learned how to play and share with others. 10/10 would recommend.

Teacher Testimonial from Jessica

Hola Mi nombre es Jessica, en Count Your Blessings he tenido la oportunidad de haceruno de mis grandes sueños realidad, ser Educadora, en esta rama que es La Educadora Temprana, Realmente disfruto estar con los niños, siempre aprendemos algo nuevo, dia a dia temenos diferentes cosas que aprender tanto de la escuela como de la vida de los niños diferentes culturas diferentes palabras. A lo largo de estos años he tenido la oportunidad de verlo crecer, Moverse de una clase a otra y tener la oportunidad de Tambien yo crecer con ellos.

Parent Testimonial from Alejandra

My name is Alejandra G. and I have 4 children that have attended and still attending at Count Your Blessings Preschool. And all I can say is that I am super blessed with the wonderful staff they have. I just love how my kids feel safe and happy to go everyday. I love the communication they have with parents, the dedication and love they have with all the children is amazing! So with all this said, I would extremely recommend Count Your Blessings Preschool. I also want to thank every one of the staff for their incredible work!